Human Resources

Human Resources

The HR Policy of our company, which continuously improves itself to become an international company with its advanced technology, quality products, dynamism and capacity, is built on the bases of​ :

  • Hire qualified labor force through proper strategies,
  • Developing this force through trainings,
  • Constant advancement,
  • Mutual trust-respect.


As a business, we are aware of the fact that human resources is one of the important factors that increase the competitive power in the sectoral market. Our HR department works in coordination with the other departments during the hiring process to bring in the employees with the right qualifications at the right time to the company, and tries to hire the personnel, who, according to their job description, will:

  • Adopt the vision&mission, principles and quality goals of our company,
  • Have the suitable competences,
  • Continuously improve themselves and make positive contributions to our company,
  • Able to work as a team, adhere to the principles of,

customer and quality orientation.

Our company believes that increasing the company efficiency, service and product quality, and customer satisfaction begins with employee satisfaction; and in order for the employees to come to work willingly and to commit to their work/workplace with loyalty, our company:

  • Supports the employees who are talented, creative and who bring suggestions by awarding them,
  •  Provides career opportunities to those who demonstrate a successful performance,
  •  Contributes to their personal development through continuous internal and external trainings,
  •  Provides equality of opportunity among the employees,
  •  Carries the employee motivation to the highest level through our social activities.​

As a result of all these practices, our goal as HR is to make Termo Isı Sistemleri a preferred and trusted company.