Endüstriyel Sistemler Kataloğu-Tr - Kopya

• Available to operate with gas, fuel oil, light oil and dual fuel,

• Optimum air fuel mixture with special combustion nozzle,

• Low flue gas emission values (NOx; Natural gas: 80 mg/m³ Light oil (Max Nitrogen content 200 mg/kg): 120 mg/m3, at 3% Oxygen and Max 1.2 MW/m³ Combustion chamber load)

• In liquid fuel products, high-pressure mechanically-atomized nozzle or low-pressure air/steam-atomized nozzle,

• Compatibility with different combustion chambers and high efficiency combustion thanks to the flame tube and turbulator geometries specially designed for hot water boilers and steam boilers,

• Protection against heat with piston movement mechanism to protect the burner equipment from heating,

• Custom cooling air connections for equipment such as photocell, sight glass, etc.,

• Electronic modulating control option,

• Various assembly options thanks to duoblock body structure, and efficient operation with process-specific pressure combustion air fan,

• Easy adaptation to systems with optional flame tube lengths,

Flame control with photocell,

• Special design pilot ignition burner for ignition (ECOSTAR PAL Burner is standard),

• Operation with hot combustion air in special design products,

• Combustion optimization with optional O2-CO trim system adaptation,

• Energy saving with optional fan speed control,

• Optional, burner-specific designed fuel preparation stations; gas line, Light oil transfer and pumping station, fuel oil transfer and heating-pumping station,

• Easy access to all equipment without dismounting the burner from the boiler,

• Easy installation and operation,

• Remote management by connecting to PLC systems using BMS (Burner Management System) or software,