The fuel transfer unit that ensures fuel transfer to the burner at the appropriate pressure, flow rate, and cleanliness.

Optionally, these systems can be single or with redundant filter-pump. Auxiliary systems provides

maintenance and operating advantages.

Fuel Oil Transfer Station: It is a fuel transfer unit that transfers fuel from main tank, daily tank or daily tank to fuel preparation station.

Fuel Oil Heating Pumping Station: The filtering-heating-pumping unit that ensures that the fuel at 50-60°C from transfer line reaches the temperature that will allow it to achieve the combustion viscosity value required for its smooth combustion (120-135°C), and then ensures its transmission in the burner to use the fuel at the required pressure.

In monoblock fuel-oil burners, the heating and pumping group includes a fuel pump, a pot heater, a temperature transmitter and a manometer.

Fuel oil station components;

  • Electric or steam exchanger,

  • Steam-washed, vapor-filled or electrically heated liquid fuel filter,

  • Ball valve,

  • Liquid fuel pump,

  • Constant pressure ventilated,

  • Manometer,

  • Thermometer,

  • Pressure transmitter,

  • Temperature transmitter,

  • Control panel