Quality Management Systems

Quality Policy

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensures continuous improvement and auditing of the following objectives.

  • Ensuring satisfaction of our customers with the goal of realizing zero defect products, with an emphasis on lean production techniques, increased efficiency with mass production lines and reduced costs,
  • Creating a corporate culture intertwined with common values by increasing the engagement of our employees, providing them with ergonomic working environments and constantly monitoring their satisfaction,
  • Maintaining a corporate company structure that is reliable and fair to its customers and employees,
  • Strengthening the branding strategy with innovative technologies by creating products that contribute to ecological balances, environment and energy efficiency with product design and quality,
  • Increasing the quality levels and technical capabilities of all supplier companies with training and technology support,
  • Responding to customer complaints as quickly as possible with a solution-oriented focus, continuously improving the authorized service network with a focus on customer satisfaction,
  • Carrying out regulatory and preventive actions by systematically following up the feedbacks on the product and service,
  • As a domestic company, we are committed to keep our quality policy up to date to compete in international markets and to constantly improve it.