Industrial Burners

Ecostar Industrial Burners consist of ECO, DSE, DIB, MIB, GIB series burners, process burners including FPB, High Speed Burners, Gazoram, Ecoflue, duct burners, recuperative burners, furnace burners, coal burners, immersion burners and special burners and hot air generators. Industrial burners can operate with natural gas, LPG, heavy oil, light oil and combined fuels. Thanks to its large power capacity and high combustion efficiency, it can be used in start-up applications in industrial boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, hot oil boilers, industrial boilers, hot air generators, rotary dryers (such as asphalt plant), fluidized bed and grate boilers. It has a wide range of important uses in the industry, including drying applications such as asphalt plant burner, industrial furnace applications, cement plants, paper mills, sugar factories, heat treatment furnaces, melting pots, ceramic industry baking processes, textile and wood industry, food, soil, chemistry, fertilizer, metal industry, paper and packaging industry, biomass power plants, thermal power plants.