Industrial Burners


  • ECOSTAR CIB series industrial burners with monoblock body structure are used in hot water boilers, steam boilers and hot oil boilers.
  • Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil and Biogas can be used in CIB series industrial burners.
  • They have low flue gas emission values with their special body and combustion nozzle designs.
  • Thanks to its hinged body design, it provides ease of service without dismounting the burner from the boiler.
  • High fire safety thanks to flame control with photocell.
  • It is ready to use with its integrated control panel on the body.
  • Light oil filtering and pumping station is produced externally according to customer demand.
  • Combustion optimization with O2-CO trim system adaptation in electronic modulating burners, if demanded.
  • Energy saving with fan speed control in electronic modulating burners, if demanded.
  • Remote management by connecting to PLC systems using BMS (Burner Management System) or software.
  • Suitable for use of high pressure mechanical atomization & low pressure air/steam atomization lance options in liquid fuel products.
  • Operation at low noise levels with its specially designed muffler air cage design and axial fan. (<72dB)
Burner Type Burner Capacity Burner Capacity Natural Gas Consumption Diesel Consumption
  Min. MW Max. MW Min. Kcal/h Max. Kcal/h Min. m³/h Max. m³/h Min. m³/h Max. m³/h
CIB 6 1,5 3,5 1.290.000 3.010.000 156,36 364,85 126,47 295,10
CIB-6 1150 800 450 350 700 1380
Electronic proportional control option
Mechanical proportional control option
Flame control with photocell
Internal pilot ignition
ECOSTAR PAL pilot ignition burner
Pilot ignition gas valve
Air processor
Ability to work with Gas / Fuel Oil / Diesel / Gas-Diesel / Gas-Fuel Oil
In liquid fuel products, high-pressure mechanic atomization lance or low-pressure air/steam-atomization lance
Ability to work with hot combustion air*
Different mounting options
Serviceability without dismounting the burner from the boiler / service cover
Different flame tube length
Control via PLC with BMS or software
O2-CO combustion management system connection
Combustion air fan inverter connection
Fuel preparation stations (Gas line/ Diesel Station)

: Not Included / N/A

: Optional

: Included / Available

ME: Mechanical Modulating

EL: Electronic Modulating